Friday, August 30, 2013


In the article "China: Nationwide Arrests Multiply, Critics Multiply," the author discusses the topic of China violating human rights. There have been 55 arrested of activist against the one party system of government. These Chinese citizens are peacefully trying to be heard and make a difference in their country. The government has been arresting them from the streets with the reasoning of "disturbing the peace." These actions by the Chinese government to limit the people's rights to vocally express their opinions are ironic because China is trying to join the United Nations Human Rights Council.
It is a shame that a country can attempt to appear like they support human rights for all people of the world while they limit the rights of their own people. Countries that are a part of the United Nations Human Rights Council should be chosen based the example that they set. If China is inducted to this organization then I would be greatly disappointed. If China cannot allow its people to express their feelings and personal beliefs, how can they advocate for other countries to give their people these rights.
The government that wants to appear like they support the idea of all people having the basic rights that should be granted to everyone, should not be putting protesters and "'Western constitutional democracy'" advocates in jail. These so called "law breakers" are being sent to jail and if convicted may be sentenced to up to 15 years of jail time for expressing themselves.
There have been many critics that have begin to speak out against China's hypocritical actions, and I myself agree with these critics. The government is denying universal rights. I believe they should be denied the right to enter the United Nations Human Rights Council until they learn to give universal rights to their own people.

Carson Sowell

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  1. Yes, China's human rights record has not been very good and that has definitely complicated things as it tries to enter the world as a superpower. This was the big debate about holding the Olympic games there last summer. We should ask some of the chinese classmates to clarify some of these issues for us.