Friday, November 8, 2013

Domestic Violence Issues

This article really opened my eyes to the severity of a certain issue: domestic violence.  Oftentimes, this issue is not represented enough because it often goes unreported; many times, victims are too afraid to call out their abusers because of fear of retaliation, and this is certainly a valid fear.  Many of the attempts of women for help end up in the situation not changing at all.  In this article, the woman sought out many different outlets for help: shelters, social workers, even the police, and the end result is nothing; she basically has no choice but to return to her abusive husband with her five children.   

This particular incident happened in Hungary, but similar situations occur every single day to many women and children all over the world.  I think that the reason that this issue is so prevalent in so many countries, especially the more “developed” ones that have the means to effectively reduce the amount of incidents is either ignorance or pure indifference.  In the article, it states that Hungary’s reforms to curb domestic violence says that prosecutors can only take action after the women report being assaulted on two separate occasions. This is completely ridiculous to me. 

How come two people can be arrested and sent to jail instantly for having a street fight, but a woman who gets abused by her partner requires extensive evidence in order to ensure her justice and safety?  Why do governments and law enforcement seem to pay more attention to people not paying their share of taxes instead of the helpless citizens getting beaten under their watch?  It seems to me like the priorities of many countries around the world need to be checked, and until that happens, situations like this are going to continue to be prevalent.    


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