Friday, November 1, 2013

Syrian Refugees Find Problems

Syria has been a country of unrest for a long time. Many people in Syria have to run away or risk death, and so they try to flee to other countries. However, these refugees are being turned down wherever they go. Neighboring countries, such as Jordan, have been increasing security and making it harder for refugees to enter their country. Even worse, some of these refugees are forcibly deported back into Syria.
While there is a significant strain on food and water due to the massive influx of people, it is unacceptable to force the refugees back into the country that they tried so hard to escape from. Syria is currently in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the last decade. It is understandable that the Jordan and other neighboring countries want to decrease their population in order to better conserve their resources, but throwing them back into danger is simply deplorable. Instead these countries should find someway to accommodate them even with minimal resources, or if possible send them to other countries that can accommodate them.
However, even for those lucky few that are able to stay in refugee camps, they are still not safe. There is not enough food or water, and many children cannot go to school because they need to work. This is all because of the bigger problem still left in Syria. Even though these camps are in poor condition, and the countries are in the wrong for deporting the victims, it is all just masking the bigger problem in Syria. There needs to be more help in Syria before any of the problems with the refugees can ever be solved.

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