Friday, November 8, 2013

Poor working conditions in China manufacturing plant

Human rights are the basic liberties and freedoms and respects that every human being on Earth should be entitled to. The reason why human and civil rights are always all over the news is because its simply wrong to treat anyone else as less than a human. What is defined as human rights varies from time period to time as culture and way of life is constantly changing. Such as how the world is rapidly industrializing, ideal working conditions and treatment and pay are considered human rights. One country that seems to be constantly violating these rights is China. China is an area of lots of unskilled people, low salary and loose labor regulations. A very recent case is a factory that manufactures hardware for Dell and other large companies. Undercover investigators from the China Labour Watch caught and experienced many violations within this plant. The entire way the plant operates is horrible. The employees have to an agency fee between a USD  equivalents of $16 to $82 to even work. The youngest of the laborers are barely 16! They are required to work around 28-30 days out of the month, and 8 hours a day plus overtime usually. After all this labor, they are only given about $250s worth in American currency. That’s not it; if their job requires them to stand, they stand for all 8 hours and if they have to sit, they sit all 8 hours. The only way we can stop these incidents is to make a statement and tighten the laws and enforcement and hand out harsher punishments. A huge plant being shut down would send a huge message to the rest.

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