Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Madison Evans

Big Business and Human Rights
A large issue has arisen recently in which the living conditions of many have been compromised by the sheer nature of wealthy corporations. While nearly all countries have laws against human rights violations within the work force, most of these companies neglect to practice such laws. As a result, major corporations within largely influential nations such as the United States and European Nations fail to uphold human rights laws when they go abroad. Issues such as environmental neglect and labor law indifference are certain examples of breaches within human rights that companies have undertaken. For example, in 2012, Human Rights watch acknowledged how a popular oil company in India was overstepping its environmental regulations, indirectly impacting surrounding communities. In order to ensure that large corporations do not breach the extent of human rights, outside organizations must hold them accountable. Whether through financial/economical consequences or some other form of response, the behavior of these business cannot remain unnoticed. It is the right of every human being to have his or her life and quality of life protected. A business infringing on such a right for sheer economic gain is corrupt and inhumane. 


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