Friday, November 8, 2013

Refugee forcibly returned

 The article, found here, is about the forcible return of a Rwandan refugee back to Rwanda. I believe that this is a grave human rights violation as Joel Mutabazi has faced persecution even when he had asylum in Uganda. Many people came to Uganda for the sole purpose of killing him and he has been the victim of many kidnapping attempts. I believe the Ugandan government has failed him as he was given asylum but they decided that he was too much work and forcibly returned him back to his home country. I feel disgusted that a supposedly democratic government would have such corruption as to return a refugee to be killed. Despite the horror of this act I feel this is somewhat expected of third world countries such as these. On the other hand I wonder if the Rwandan government had purposely let the police take him back to his own country. Where leadership changes hands so quickly it shouldn't be hard to believe that there would be corrupt members of the police force. I feel that the Ugandan government simply decided that protecting Joel would be too much work and when they realized he probably had no important information concerning Rwanda, they simply weighed the risks against each other and decided it would be in their best interest to return him back to Rwanda. Even though this may look like oversight. In a war torn part of the world such as this I find what happened to be extremely sad but it should not be surprising given the circumstances and how precarious the balance of power is.

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