Friday, July 11, 2014

Israel-Palestine Conflict Intensifies at the Cost of Palestinian Civilian Lives

     The Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization, are engaged once again with the Israeli military in a war of bombings. Israel retaliated when the Hamas killed civilians and began using drones and planes to target over one thousand different suspected Hamas bases. After pinpointing these locations, bombers began attacking these targets. 

     Both sides began using explosives to attack the others, however Israel had a clear advantage. The military used early warning systems and computer guidance systems to evacuate any civilians in danger and destroy missiles midair. The Palestinians did not have access to such technology and paid for it with civilian lives. The Israeli military might have billions of dollars worth of bombing technology, but they cannot accurately control the explosions of their bombs. When they target the Hamas bases in the city, many bombs kill innocent civilians and even miss their primary target. So far, the bombing of Palestine has lead to around eighty to one hundred civilian deaths and approximately fourteen deaths of young children. 

     Israel has been approached and criticized by many human rights organizations in regard to the loss of civilian lives during their bombings. The United Nations human rights officials asked for a cease fire but the Israeli prime minister would not give up until the Hamas threat was quelled. 

I find it repulsive that when an industrial power is engaged in war with a third world country, the civilians suffer. Both America and Israel use “precision” airstrikes and kill many innocent people accidentally. I believe that both these nations could use their vast militaries to find a cheaper solution to eliminate targets without harming the civilians in the area. 

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