Friday, July 11, 2014

Ties Between the Muslim Community, the Jewish Community, and the African Slave Trade

Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan

Many students were left shocked and very offended at The University of California, Berkley, after Louis Farrakhan, the Muslim nation leader warned black students to be cautious about befriending Jewish students. Farrakhan's reasoning behind this claim is his belief that "the Jews were behind the black slave trade." After many scholars looked into this claim, and the NOI book that it comes from, it is clear that this book is nothing but pages of lies to exploit and humiliate the Jewish people, which it does a very good job of.
When taking an even closer look at this strange situation, my researchers found that Farrakhan has secret ties with African Blacks slave trade himself, a twist of irony isn't it? In Sudan, Africa's largest country, and Mauritania, another troubled country in Africa, nearly a third of African Muslim's are working as slaves and serving to a master. While the conversion of Black Mauritanians to Islam happened just about one hundred years ago, and as the Koran forbids enslaving fellow Muslims, this is a problem Africa is continues to face. The slavery situation in Sudan is only worsening, and Farrakhan is refusing to admit that he has knowledge about any of it. The American Anti-Slavery Group is working to keep the areas of Sudan and Mauritania covered, helping to liberate thousands of slaves as fast as they can, but the AASG can do very little about Farrakhan and his secret relations with slavery filled countries.
What Americans, including many of the Berkley students were filled with after hearing Farrakhan's claims, was a sense of guilt and serious degradation. Not only did he accuse the Jewish students (or perhaps their ancestors) to be blamed for the African slave trade, but he robbed the African black students of a sense of security and belonging. Farrakhan has infringed upon these students human rights, as well as the hundreds of thousands of enslaved Muslim (and non Muslim) Africans in Sudan and Mauritania. These slaves have no sense of freedom, in regards to freedom of life, religion, or simply the freedom of happiness.
While the American Anti-Slavery Group is working hard to make this knowledge of Farrakhan's secret ties, and stockily high number of enslaved individuals public, there is not much they can do further than their continuous efforts to liberate these slaves in African countries.


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