Friday, July 11, 2014

The Fight for Women's Rights Continues

      The women’s rights battle that has been going on for years still continues today. Recently, during a conflict involving the Syrian government and armed forces, women were physically abused and tormented. The sight and thought of women being detained and tortured in Syria is utterly horrible. The worst part is that in Syria’s conflict, women are the ones being severely  punished either by getting injured or losing family members. As the article states “Women are taking on increasing responsibilities – whether by choice or due to circumstance – and they should not have to pay with intimidation, arrest, abuse, or even torture.” They are being penalized for helping out in the whole conflict, which is an absolute infringement of human rights. As noted in the article from the interviews with refugee women, they are being harassed and abused due to participating in nonviolent protests and helping needy Syrians. Along with this torment, the women in Syria are also responsible for upholding discriminatory policies such as restrictions on their dress and movement. This is directing violating several human rights along with the rights of women. Strict and immediate actions must be taken by the international communities to prevent Syrian government and armed forces from committing such violations.

Personally, it was quite disappointing reading about this, because as much as people say women have all the rights, they don’t. Yes, in some countries women have more rights than they did many years ago, but in other countries they are still being discriminated.  Due to the advancement in technology and weapons, more conflicts are occurring and women are being pushed into them without any particular reason. In Syria, women and girls are being abused simply due to the fact that they are helping others or that they are women. Their rights as human beings are taken away.  Freedoms such as freedom to dress in the way a women wants continues to be taken away in Syria and in several other countries.  Many organizations around the world are fighting for women’s rights today; however, some countries still are not taking adequate actions to solve them. I personally believe that women should be given all human rights and be treated equally. Abusing and harassing women is completely inhumane, and has to be stopped before it increases throughout the world.

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