Friday, July 4, 2014

Non-Renewable Energy and Non-Renewable Rights

Should our health not be our top priority? Mrs. Ringenberg makes a strong argument for this proposition. Pollution from non-renewable sources such as coal plants directly affects the health of those around us. She states the fact that brain-development disorders have increased 10 fold in the past 40 years- backed by her experience and work history in pediatric healthcare for 35 years. Think of that number. Ten times the amount of children being born will have a life of arduous development and strife, due to the society we've centered around coal and oil. She lists many environmental and health effects caused by coal plants, from global warming to asthma. With so many problems, why continue such a harmful act? Well, the answer is profit, and the hesitation to turn to more renewable energy. Money has clouded our conscience. Now, rather than protecting the basic human rights of our people, subsidizing efficient yet destructive power plants is our main priority. Should not every person have his/her right to a happy life? To have the freedom of choosing the way he or she lives exactly like the rest of us? With big energy companies dumping toxic pollution into the air, children-are not inheriting these basic rights. Stricken with disorders like autism and conditions such as asthma, children cannot choose how they live. Autistic kids have to be basically guided their entire lives by their parents, and children with asthma cannot participate in activities they would have if not for their condition- such as sports or physically active clubs or even playing in the park with friends. Every child has the right to freedoms that most of us take for granted, and infecting the air we breathe is not doing us justice. The leaders of these coal plants may not know of the injustices that they induce, but the limitation and eventual closing of all non-renewable energy plants is the only sure answer to end the rising health problems around the globe. Therefore, I am a strong advocate of the EPA's action of limiting carbon emissions from power plants. Many acts have been established in order to fight emissions standards, regulations, etc. for power plants, and it's sad that the support is lacking needed for the nation to simply brand them too unhealthy for humans and close non-renewable energy plants. Renewable Energy is, in fact, the answer to our problems. Not only will it introduce jobs for a stronger economy, it will liberate us from the disease-inducing air we sift through.

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