Friday, July 11, 2014

Ending Hunger, One Country at a Time

Despite the aid packages being sent to South Sudan, there is still a shortage in the amount of food and money needed to successfully end the severe famine. Even with the help of seven international aid agencies, there is an $89 million dollar difference between the funds supplied and the funds needed. Because of the fighting that is taking place, approximately 1.5 million people have been displaced with no place to call home. A portion of the displaced people have fled to neighboring countries for help and support.  While the agencies stress the need for peace in the region, allowing for resettlement and farming, there are four million people facing severe hunger and malnutrition because of the displacement. The famine continues to spread to more people at an alarming rate. According to the Director of World Vision’s South Sudan programs, Perry Mansfield, “We estimate that a quarter of a million children in South Sudan are at risk of severe malnutrition.” I believe this is an awful statistic because children should not have to worry about when their next meal will be. They should simply be children, focusing on the fun elements of life. Mothers have taken on greater responsibility during the famine to provide food for children. This leads to a greater risk of “sexual violence, exploitation and abuse” for women. Save the Children says “Children suffer most” and I agree with the statement. I think people sometimes take advantage of children because they can easily be manipulated, especially during a time of shortage. Many children have witnessed family and friends be attacked and killed. No child should have to live this way. No child should be exposed to these horrors at such a young age. According to a new statistic, “2 million children will be facing a hunger crisis by the end of August.” That is unfathomable. The agencies are working together to try to gain support and funding for these poor families before all hope is lost and it is too late.  I truly hope they accomplish their goal so the children can live normal lives that are full of fun instead of worrying about the future.


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