Friday, July 4, 2014

On Internet Freedom

             Ever sense the first websites appeared on the World Wide Web, there has been censorship. Throughout the years, not much has changed.  There is an article on the United States human rights page about Internet censorship, found here.  This page gives an interesting perspective on the state of censorship here in comparison to the rest of the world. It addresses how the US is working to free the rest of the world from internet censorship. This is interesting, because the US is just as guilty of censorship as any other country. America should address its own problems before jumping waste deep into foreign policy, a trend lately in US politics. Once the US decides on clear rules about censorship in the United States, then they can spread what they have learned to other countries. But by the same principle, we should give other countries a chance to improve censorship laws, because they might be able to create a system better than our own. For example, In Europe, new laws have been enforced that allow people to be forgotten. They claim that it was a human right to be forgotten and taken out of the spotlight. More information can be found here. Other countries around the world are trying the same thing the US is, and The U.S. should not push their solutions and policy until they have perfected them. Many countries around the world view this as a negative characteristic of the United States; their desire to test experimental policies in less developed countries that they are aiding. There are no doubts in anyone’s minds that US soldiers do not serve our country proudly, and should be respected for the sacrifices that they make for their country. Some policies however, have been problematic. And with all the problems with the NSA lately, The United States needs to formulate their own internet security and Censorship policy before spreading their own to other countries. Overall, Internet censorship is a complicated issue that jumbles the security of the common people with the freedom of speech. The legality of putting directions of how to make a bomb, how to manufacture illegal drugs, or even how to kill someone in hand to hand combat are just a few issues that have plagued the US over the years. The United States needs to settle their own beliefs on internet censorship before they can help any other country with their policies. 

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  1. This Post was created to bring up critical questions about Internet censorship in the US. As such please respect each other in the comments and remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion.