Friday, July 4, 2014

Torture Should Be Legal

The article I am responding to calls for all governments to discontinue their use of torture in any context.
It says all torture is cruel, inhuman, and a violation of human rights. And they are right about this, but frankly I do not care. Torture is a necessary tool used by the United States and other nations to maintain national security and safety.
   Governments strip people of their human rights through incarceration all the time, and it is completely acceptable. Incarceration strips people of their right to descedancy, liberty, and the rise of private prisons often makes it a form of slavery as well. But incarceration is pardoned because it is viewed as necessity to prevent violations of the law and better society so it is not viewed as a controversial. I do not see why people view torture any differently. There are terrorist organizations that are devoted to harming innocent people, and all measures should be used to prevent these groups from carrying out their missions.
    These measures include torture. If a terrorist is detained by the United States or any other nation, he or she should be tortured to find out the identities and whereabouts of his terrorist comrades that are plotting more attacks on the innocent. Terrorists are usually highly religious or idealistic, and torture is usually needed to mentally destroy them so they can confess crucial information. At its core, using torture in this context is sacrificing the health and well being of a despicable criminal for the safety of the innocent, and I see nothing wrong or immoral about that.
  Torture should only be used against organizations that are devoted to harming the innocent. I singled out terrorism as my only example of an appropriate scenario use of torture because it is the only situation I could think of that justified the use of torture. Torture has more inappropriate contexts than appropriate ones, and all nations should make sure they do not abuse their use of torture.
   Most developed countries like United States follow the parameters that torture should be used within, and the notion that torture in any context should end is unrealistic and illogical.

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