Friday, July 4, 2014

Working Towards Solving Poverty

 Today, a major problem in society is poverty. It does not just exist in one city, place, or country, it exists throughout the world. Due to poverty, people are not receiving equal opportunities in many aspects of life. I strongly believe that it is a human right to attain equal opportunities, and therefore diminish poverty. Combating poverty is one way to achieve equal opportunities. John Abdulla writes in his article that his cancer is cured due to modern technology and advancement, however, some people are unable to seek treatment even for simpler diseases like cholera. He argues that this injustice is completely wrong, and action needs to be taken to resolve it. Several advancements have been made in technology and medicine, but due to the high costs involved certain people are unable to utilize these facilities. The thought of such inequity makes you wonder just how unfair the world really is. Living a life with several privileges , we often tend to forget that there are people struggling to get basic necessities like food and water. Out in the world, motivated children are struggling to get an education due to financial issues, and parents are working days and nights trying to get their children educated. Millions of children are unable to show their true talent and intelligence due to being deprived of education. 
The author mentions his organization Oxfam America making a statement of their core beliefs,“We won’t stand by silently and watch others suffer. Instead, we stand together against injustice.” This strong motto displays the determination of the organization to fight against this infringement of human rights. People all over are fighting for this serious affair, however, a more global effort is required. It won’t just take one person to help diminish poverty, but it takes a group of people willing to take a stand against this inequity. As humans, we often ponder over how much difference an individual can make, but if every individual contributes a little helping hand then worldwide issues such as poverty will decline. Through the modern way of networking and media we can unite with people all over the world to form organizations, and work toward the common goal of reducing poverty. Additionally, John Abdulla made an effective video, which convinces people if they work cooperatively and actively to solve this crisis, then poverty will slowly decrease in the world giving people a chance for equal opportunities.

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