Monday, April 8, 2013

Medical Dilemmas

This article is about a Russian woman who is detained for illegally selling and manufacturing narcotics. This women, born with a severe medical condition (she is missing part of her lower intestine).  In prison, she was not offered the proper medical care and assistance needed, especially for someone with such a severe medical condition.  On April 5th, she was freed from the facility and was promised full medical attention until she completely recovered.  This article brings up the important issue of healthcare and how it plays a role in our judicial system.  While this woman was breaking the law and needed to be arrested, she did nothing to deserve improper medical care.  Not providing the proper medical assistance to anyone is a violation of their human rights.  Everyone, no matter what, should be entitled to healthcare. Reading this article reminded me of the book “House Rules” by Jodi Picoult.  This novel brings up this same important issue but in regards to a child with Aspergers being tried for murder.  After much battle, the disabled child is finally allowed the special conditions needed to satisfy his disability.  The special needs child and the Russian women were being tried for a crime they were suspected to commit.  Because of this, they need to be detained, however, they should still be provided the proper medical assistance.

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