Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1942 [Extra Credit]

During the process (exile) Chinese called “ Tao Huang”, many miserable and non-humanistic things happened. Rich people with food on the cart were robbed or even killed. Property rights were not protected. Japanese air force bombed the refugee crowd as Chinese soldiers retreated with them together because Chinese government gave up the Henan province. Corps were exposed and dogs came to eat them. Moreover, Cannibalism was common in this progress. Even Woman and children were traded for food. Although it was hard to imagine all of these tragedies as we cannot experience starvation nowadays, it must be the darkest time in humanistic history.

There were many factors contributing to this catastrophe. But the main reason is that Chinese government was involved in the War against Japanese government. As a result, they did not have enough resources to provide aid to refugees. Moreover, 30 million people without enough food was a big burden so Chinese government tactically gave up Henan province to Japan. Bribery and corruption also made the condition worse.

1942 is a dark year in Chinese history. But if my country was not that weak and could provide any help to Henan province, may be some people can be saved and this tragedy could be avoid.


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