Monday, April 8, 2013


Destruction is the only result of any form of violence. Whether it is sexual, emotional, physical or cultural violence, materialistic destruction is caused no matter what.

One such destruction occurred in Meiktila, Burma as a result of religious violence between the Muslims and Buddhists in March 2013 that rocked the whole nation to its roots.  Two days of havoc resulted in 40 deaths and 61 injuries, while destroying 828 buildings. And all of this occurred merely because one group of people don’t like the other group of people and vice versa. Anti-Islamic sentiments have been spreading across Burma at an accelerated rate that has caused such violence in various other cities.  Even though Burma’s constitution allows equal rights to the Muslims, Buddhists believe want to shun complete contact with Muslims community by boycotting them.

Now, religious riots or violence is not a new thing. Unfortunately, it has taken place several times across the history. Having experienced one myself (The Gujarat riots of 2002) I believe that there is only one way to avoid such violence and that is authority. People are not going to change all of a sudden. Buddhists will not set aside their prejudice against the Muslims in one day. So, we cannot expect them to change on their own and stop the violence, which requires the government to take a serious and bold action.

This requires authority. To avoid dividing up the nation from within its foundations the government needs to punish the civilians responsible for violence in Meiktila and impose equal rights. They also need to act swiftly as many times riots can be stop if the police interfere in the initial stage.

As a child, during the Gujarat riots, I could not understand why people were slitting each other’s throats in the name of God. All I knew that I was horrified and sad. But, now I understand why those men killed each other.

It is because they are complete idiots with degenerated ideologies. My language might be harsh or might offend someone but the truth is truth. No one in his or her sane mind can justify such violence! And it is not easy to change such ideologies. Therefore, the only way out to a better world and environment I authority.

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