Friday, April 12, 2013

Victims of Torture

The United States has put together an immigration reform in order to protect refugees and asylum seekers who have faced torture and are looking for a safe place to reside. The Center for Victims of Torture is a rehabilitation center for victims tortured my government sponsored groups and regimes. However, there are multiple problems that have arisen with the asylum increasing the mental health problems of these victims which include extended delays in the immigration court process. During this extended time, these victims are apart from their family that may be in danger in their home country, and they also have the fear of their torturers gaining control back over them. Some refugees have also not gotten the proper attention because they have been labeled as part of the violent groups. For example, some are forced to give food and shelter to terrorist groups, and this has caused them to not be able to get the help from the asylum. Some survivors of torture have to wear prison jumpsuits and contained for 23 hours which is a traumatizing event in itself. The United States goal with the immigration reform is to provide a safe place for these victims; however these flaws could cause even more problems for them. I first of all think that these victims of torture should not have to experience these problems that have been formed with this immigration reform system. They have gone through so much as is, and when they have to wear outfits that make them look like prisoners and separates them as normal human beings, then they only are traumatized more. These victims need all the help they can get.

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