Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My trip to Cuba [Extra Credit]

Last spring break I went to Cuba with my friends for a trip. As there is no straight flight between United States and Cuba, we made a connection at Cancun, Mexico. When we got into the Cubana airline flight, we were astonished that there were no business or first classes. The plane was filled with economy classes and everyone received the same treatment. How socialistic Cuba is!

After one-hour-and-a-half flight, we finally arrived at Havana, the capital of Cuba. The airport was simple and crude because there was not so much commercial activities in Cuba. The customs I passed is the strictest one I have ever seen. Officers stayed in an isolated room equipped with glasses. Moreover, a door installed a security lock was placed near the customs and people stayed in lines could not see where people got admitted went.

On the way to the hostel, we saw there were so many old fashioned car, most are 50s or 60s's American style cars, on the roads built by Chinese engineers. Although it was dark at night, there were not many lights along the road. What impresses me was that Cuba people were very friendly as they greeted us. And there was not advertisement along the road but portraits of Raul Castro, the leader of Cuba, and Ernesto Guevara, which is similar to the scene in North Korea.

Though Cuba is a socialistic country, there were still many foreigners coming to take vacations including Canadian and mostly European people. However, there were few American tourists and any United States credit card was prohibited in Cuba. Moreover, the most dynamic currency, US dollars, was not exchangeable here. Moreover, in the host family we lived, there are Computers, Refrigerators and Studios. Although being a socialist country as North Korea, the lives of Cuba citizen is much better than those of North Korea people.

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