Friday, April 19, 2013

Syrian Air Force Bombing Civilians [Extra Credit]

I watched a youtube video provided by the Human Rights Watch’s channel.  It is a very graphic video (I could barely watch it), but very enlightening about the situation in Syria.  It documents the bombing of civilians by the Syrian Air Force run by the government.  There have been more and more attacks on civilian areas where there is absolutely no military fighting.  The government is seen to target breadlines and hospitals, places where people gather in large numbers.  Also, the government is using bigger and bigger bombs to target their civilians.  They are obviously not protecting their citizens and have estimated to have killed 400,000 of them so far.  The UN has been notified, but blockades set up by Russia and China will not let us interfere with Syria which needs major intervention.  I personally think that this needs to stop, especially since the government is killing their own people.  The people are not safe and they cannot protect themselves.

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