Sunday, April 28, 2013

UAE: Cameron Should Press Rulers on Torture

A human rights agency has urged the British Prime Minister David Cameroon to put pressure on the rulers of UAE, prior to his visit to the nation next week. This agency has especially targeted the British prime minister because there have been many new cases in which the strict regime has not even spared British immigrants, who have been tortured in the same fashion.

This urge is one more desperate plead from the human rights activists to the authorities to gain basic rights, which should be provided to every living person on this planet by default. This situation is not new. People have been supressed in Islamic regimes unfairly over several decades. And this seems to be another one of those hopeless pleads on the part of the human rights activists that comes to no avail.

I could explain how people have been tortured. But, I see no point in that since people are generally well aware of them and now the world has reached on such a stage that spreading awareness is not enough. We need to take action!!

Therefore, it is imminent that the human rights activists put up huge demonstrations in UK  (where they would not be arrested for voicing there opinion) in addition to make sure that everything possible is being done to improve the situation of citizens in Islamic regimes. 

Furthermore, for the long term, Saudi Arabia needs a ‘revolution from below’, which will slowly change the hierarchy of the political system. Even though this is extremely  difficult we must not give our hopes for a better future and continue to strive. 

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