Monday, April 15, 2013

[Extra Credit] Organ Transplantation in China

In these days, China is the place where the most cases of organ transplantation take place in the world. The reason why it has been possible to have the most cases of organ transplantation in China is because they get the organs from the executed prisoners. It already has been controversial to take prisoners' organs after they die. However, it seems Chinese government does not care about this ethics.

According to the report done in 2006, about 20,000 cases of organ transplantation took place in China. However, the number seems somewhat unnatural considering the number of executed prisoners. The approximated numbers of prisoners who were executed were calculated to be 4,000.
Then, where do the other 16,000 cases come from, and how do they happen if there are only 4,000 of the executed.

To this mystery, there is one compelling theory. The theory asserts that there is a secret organization that is run by the government, and this organization kidnaps common citizens of China. There are practitioners of persecuted spiritual movement Falun Gong and people living in Tibet. Some people claim that other 16,000 cases of organ transplanting come from prisoned Falun Gong practitioners and people from Tibet.

This was a big issue several years ago and is still a big issue. It is still going on! China had been a communist country, but it has adopted democracy. How could things like this still happen in a country where democracy is the base. Even though it is still somewhat unethical to take the executed prisoners' organs, it is just wrong to take sinless people's organs.

China has been growing so fast (10% growth yearly!!), and it would be a country with the biggest economy in the close future. However, if its on-going internal problems cannot be resolved, China will not be a truly strong country.

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