Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Deported for their good looks [Extra Credit]

Lately, I’ve been hearing some vague stories about a man in the Middle East who was “so hot, he had to be deported.”  Usually this claim was accompanied with a close-up of a Calvin Klein model-like individual wearing a turban.  At first, like most sensible people would, I dismissed the ridiculous claim.  Violating dress codes was one thing, but punishment for physical appearance just didn’t seem possible.  Most likely, someone had photo shopped the turbans and desert backgrounds onto the first Google results for “male models”. 

And yet…why were news sites beginning to take notice of this?  It turns out that actor Omar Borkan Al Gala of Dubai was one of three men ejected from Saudi Arabia for capturing too much attention.  The incident occurred during a Saudi culture festival when religious police kicked out these men for being “too handsome” and in fear of “female visitors falling for them.”  The men were then taken to nearby Abu Dubai.

As ridiculously humorous most people (including myself) have found this event, I can’t help but dwell on the fact that women are treated like the most fragile beings; easily broken or ruined by the touch of men.  It sickens me that possible “temptations” for women had to be physically removed from the area as if females bore no sense of restraint whatsoever, much less that women are considered sullied for merely admiring the opposite gender!  When it comes to looks, it seems that Saudi Arabian government takes the term “lady killer” to literal fears.

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