Friday, September 6, 2013

Drones over Human Rights?

Are drones invading human privacy and personal space? Are having drones flown out to take pictures of everyone at all times of the day disobeying the rights of humans? The reason I ask that is because if there are drones taking pictures of you, the people will not be able to speak freely,  and no one would really be free, because they are always being watched. I found an article talking about how the government are coming up with ways to ensure that the U.S. program will not undermine human rights. When I saw this, I was looking at human rights a completely different way, and I thought that the drones were way out of line.

Why does the government want to protect the drones? That is a bold move if you consider yourself a true American because America is all about freedom and human rights, and that is definitely an invasion on our privacy. When I seen these words, "Human Rights First is a nonprofit, nonpartisan international human rights organization based in New York and Washington D.C. To maintain our independence," I realized that they were serious about the drones. What that line basically says is that they do not really care about the drones infecting the human rights because they will not get any blame for it, and they want us to treat the drones like they are not even there. To me it just sounds like the government is really always watching you, and they are making it known.

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  1. Yes, the people who construct and use drones certainly want them to be "silent" on many counts.Silent to spy, silent to kill, and also silent about what the true consequences of drones are.