Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Security Forces ‘Visit’ People Who Met UN Rights Chief

This article is about the Sri Lankan government sending security forces to harass those victims and activists visited by UN human rights chief Navi Pillay.  It is said to be known that the Sri Lanka government has a long history of silencing critics of the government. Member activists, religious, and human rights groups as well as media workers have faced reprisals for reporting critically on government abuses.

It is shocking how a government sends security forces to harass every one who met with the UN human rights chief.  Don't the security forces exist to protect people?  Harassing victims that had been previously victimized of something else again just for being visited is outrageous.  I can't believe what's going on in Sri Lanka in this modern society.  Although I had known that the country had a civil war and that it has ended, I didn't know the government was suppressing people from freedom and their basic rights.  I knew people from Sri Lanka but I never knew what was going around their home country.  Maybe it was because it was dangerous for them to mention their government. As a member of United Nations, Sri Lanka must guarantee the the citizens their rights in Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As of now, I do not know in detail what is going on in the country and why the government is doing such things, but I certainly hope that the UN and any other human rights organizations would take actions soon and help the government and people of Sri Lanka.


  1. Yes, it is terrible to see these so-called UN countries take the UN rights away from their citizens. As we will learn when we study Rwanda, the UN were seen as the enemy and anyone accepting help or talking to them during this time was considered a traitor and would be punished. How can the UN be effective?

    1. I think one way UN could be more affective is to establish something like UN centers for anyone need in help around the world