Friday, September 6, 2013

"The EU is ignoring the human rights abuses behind Morocco's razor wire"

Mason, Paul . " The EU is ignoring the human rights abuses behind Morocco's razor wire | Paul Mason | Comment is free | The Guardian ." The Gaurdian. Gaurdian News, 2 Sept. 2013. Web. 6 Sept. 2013. . There is something truly disconcerting about how subjective morals are in the world of international politics. When strategic interests do not collide with the issues at hand, international organizations seem to receive the full support of member nations to take actions with grandeur words about the responsibility of the civilized world. However, when these same infringements occur in collision with the national interests of powerful countries, these same international organizations are rendered powerless to the strategic non-interventionist stance of its member countries. The situation in Morocco is yet another example of such behavior. Because illegal immigration is a high point for contention in the countries of the European Union, policy measures have been taken to ensure that migrants cannot escape the borders of Morocco no matter what their destitute situation. Whether they are being massacred, enslaved, ferreted from the hills, and starved is of little relevance because their migration would jeopardize popular sentiment. Money is being given to the Moroccan government to strengthen border control and it’s not a secret how this enforcement is carried out in Morocco. To top it off, those few who do escape and survive the daunting trek are denied the most fundamental rights of political asylum and sent back to the hell whole from which they came. It’s a damn shame. Sure Morocco is the perpetrator of these heinous acts, but there is no denying the European Union’s role as active facilitator. Another interesting spin, it’s the European Union that set up the government and presidency that’s making the lives of the Moroccan people so difficult. The funding and the problem are born of the selfish interests of the European Union. The shockingly high number of sexual offenses, displaced populations, and malnourished are thus the direct responsibility of the European Union. They have an obligation to address it with deference to those suffering in the region. Especially given that this is the same union that lectures the world on how to treat people from its imperialist high horse! What a sad joke! - Priyanka Juneja

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  1. You are right here. It's true that Morocco's crimes are horrible. But it is also true that the French colonized Morocco created divisions within it that never existed before. When Morocco got its independence, these divisions stayed and the tensions under colonialism continued to shape the tenuous future of the country.