Friday, September 20, 2013

Abuses in Africa

The article, which can be found here details abuses done by the Seleka, a coalition of republic groups that took power in the Central African Republic. I feel that this region is so war-torn that the abuses done by the Seleka is commonplace in Africa. From events such as the Rwandan genocide and child soldiers being used in Sierra Leon I feel that while the abuses done in Seleka are horrible, there is a such a huge history that this event will probably be forgotten in the future. I feel for the people who live in these places. All they simply want to do is live their lives in peace but are forced to live with so much pain and hardship. In fact, it is these people who are the most defenseless that are abused the most as they are the weakest. The people here are nothing but a source of cheap labor and easy targets and as such are killed and abused the most.
  With the governments of most African countries being incredibly weak, rebel groups are powerful enough to rival countries causing abuses such as these to happen. The future of Africa does not look good as groups such as these come into power fairly regularly and established governments often crumble under issues of corruption. Africa especially, the central and north region are so war-torn it almost feels like modern day Africa is at the same spot as Europe a thousand years ago with the difference of modern weaponry. Furthermore, with corporate and governmental interest throughout Africa I feel that Africa will never become a power equal to that of America, Asia, and Europe.

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  1. Rohan - I think you are right to point out the very complicated situation of many African countries. We have seen time and time again the same cycle - a government is put in place and goes corrupt. Then rebel forces try to overtake it, leaving bloodshed and ruin. These people may take power...and the cycle begins again. And, it is, like you said, because people are suffering because they lack the basic needs to live and, in some cases, to survive. What is even more sad - that all of this stems from colonization of the continent. The colonizers divided once-peaceful groups and when they left, much resentment reared its ugly head. All we can do is hope that things will get better.