Friday, September 13, 2013

Strong Evidence Syrian Gov't. Is Responsible For Attacks

        Over the past few months, there have been many concerns with the violation of human rights in Syria. There have been countless attacks on innocent people leaving thousands of women, children, and men dead in the streets. The original claim by Al-Assad’s government (the president of Syria) was that the rebels who are trying to put him out of power for other reasons have been behind the chemical weapon attacks on innocent civilians. This civil war in Syria unraveled in 2011, birthing multiple rebel groups that have been trying to liberate their country from its ruthless regime. “Syria is now undoubtedly the most serious crisis facing the international community.”
While multiple countries have addressed the situation and are making plans to step in if they have not already, the UN has failed to do its job of protecting the Syrian people. Though the Obama administration has been known to be “trigger-happy”, we have stayed out of the civil war in Syria for two years. At this point in the war, we are realizing that the Syrian government is going too far. The use of chemical weapons is clearly dehumanizing and poison gas is a weapon that has not been used since the US fought Vietnam in the 1960s.
It is unfortunate that instead of the UN stepping in to prevent even more casualties, they have stepped aside to let Syria handle its civil war with objection. Recently, evidence has shown that the claim by the Syrian government suggesting the opposition was responsible for the use of chemical weapons, is not true. “It has been sufficiently proven that the regime is indeed using these weapons and that they have stockpiles of them.” I am hoping that over the course of the following weeks, the UN Security Council will no longer keep their eyes closed. It is time for the government to be held accountable for their actions, after the deaths of over 100,000 people. However, I do understand that the UN is trying not to step on toes. Being accusatory in this type of situation and pointing fingers at the wrong group can be problematic and lead to a much larger crisis. Though they are trying to remain neutral and let the Syrian rebel groups and its government come to a standstill, the problem in Syria has continued to escalate and it is time for the issue to be addressed by someone of higher power than the U.S. and a few European countries. We do not have a say in human rights violations, only the ammo to back up our position. It is time for the UN to take control.

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  1. Grace, good, strong statement on the complicated and serious situation in Syria. The crimes Assad has committed against his own innocent people using chemical weapons need to be punished severely. Unfortunately, this situation is revealing some very weak cracks in the organization of the UN. While it wants to be powerful and a human rights regulatory service, it often lacks the authority and the support of all of its members. In some ways, it seems understandable - they have so many different countries with different cultural values - how can they come to an agreement on something so serious as chemical attacks in an efficient way?