Friday, September 27, 2013

“We should kill Syrians to stop Syrians from killing Syrians”

As the title goes, this sentence has become one of the famous statements on Twitter describing the dilemma of the US government over the arm involvement to Syria. Indeed, this is a huge dilemma, not only around the human rights of Syrian people, but the insight of the event, what is the reality beneath this event in the name of protecting human rights.
One the one hand, the US government acclaimed that Syrian government owns huge amount of chemical weapons and aims to use them to the anti-government force. Such a case will result in 100,000 people’s death in the conflict. But on the other hand, the arm involvement will definitely cause vast amounts of death as well. “If the killing of civilians by conventional weapons continues unabated, the chemical weapons resolution will be remembered as an effort to draw red lines, not save civilian lives,” said by Philippe Bolopion, a United Nations director. But is the best way to protect human rights is to violate human rights?
From my point of view, the key word of Syria Event is not human rights, but interests. The US and her allies will no longer endure Syrian government from supporting the interests of Russia and China. If the Syrian government is over, huge amount of investments of Russia and China will vanish, which is of better interests for the US. Do you really think the US spends millions of dollars every day leaving their battleships in the Red Sea just for protecting Syrian people’s rights? The answer is definitely not. No country will go to a battle which does not matter with her interests.  
So far as we could see, the arm involvement event is given by the name of human rights, but actually it has nothing matter with human rights. The only thing that has being ignored is human rights it is, the only word being valued is countries’ interests.

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