Friday, September 20, 2013

            North Korea has recently gained much attention for their treatment of their general population, with the exception of a select few who reside within the city of Pyongyang. And even then many of those currently living there have been abducted and forced to live away from their families. The treatment is so severe it has completely changed the mindset of its people to the point of being “rewarded” for reporting your own family for even the smallest of things. And even when you think that you think that you are doing your country a favor, they might “reward” you with torture so that they may get more information. It’s not a place that puts emphasis on the morals of its people, it’s oppressive and unfair.

            The way the government of North Korea operates works on the basis of brainwashing the general populace to believe outright lies about the state of their own country as well as the countries of others, they believe that by making everyone their enemy that they will always be loyal to their own country, but it’s neither an efficient way to run an economy nor is it any way to treat your own people. It’s the way an oligarchy is maintained, but it was proven multiple times throughout history that such a system is very ineffective at maintaining a competitive global economy and improving the way their people think in general. It impedes the ability of most people to innovate and think creatively and it conditions them to carry out the same routine every day.

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  1. Yes, Jake. If we compare North Korea to all other failed totalitarian systems, we could surmise that they are headed for their downfall. I think that we can all agree - North Korea as it is now cannot last. Unfortunately, we can never know how long it's going to take - how many people will perish before this end? And when the end does happen, are we as a world prepared for the care that those people will need?