Thursday, September 5, 2013

Terrorism or Prayer?

     Apparently, the New York Police Department decides to stick with the past and prevent another 9/11 incident from happening. By doing so, they are judging Muslims in mosques all over New York, stereotyping them as terrorists. I would agree to call this hate crime since haters going to hate all day everyday. Not only are they raiding the individual rights of Muslims who go in mosques and stalking the private lives of the imams who lead prayer, they are releasing information about their private lives that would lead to even worse and longer lasting stereotyping from bystanders who would believe the NYPD. Therefore, people are being more suspicious against Muslims and because of this, Muslims blame the government for physical abuses in California. Hostility is spreading throughout the nation against Muslims because of American distrust and Muslims try their best to earn trust among us by being peaceful.

     I would say haters going to hate, so let them continue whatever they are doing until they stop hating. Yes, I believe it is wrong and the NYPD needs to stop their spying; however, they should notice that Muslims just go to the mosque, pray, converse with others, and live peaceful lives. When the NYPD start to broadcast the peace of the Muslims, everyone should stop hating and realize that Muslims are not terrorists and are not suspicious people at all. NYPD wants to prevent another 9/11, but this is too extreme. Not every single person is similar to the next. Stop stereotyping someone just because they are Muslim and go grab a doughnut.

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  1. I think you are pointing out one of the disasters that came out of 9-11. Yes, the victims and their families will never recover from the tragic loss of loved ones. However, another crime was committed and that was the targeting of Muslims, especially by law enforcement officials and the government. What do you think we could do as a nation, as a community to stop this targeting?