Friday, September 27, 2013

Sudan: Dozen's Killed During Protest

In Sudan, dozens of people were killed during a protest. That is way out of line in America's society. If that was to happen here in the United States, that would have made headlines all across the world because one of the great things about America is that you have the freedom of speech. In Sudan, it is looked at a little bit different.

They killed people for basically standing up for what they believe in, which is what Americans all across the nation do every day. In Sudan, they did not do much about it though. they gave them a slap on the wrist and a lecture about why they should be more careful about why they should not have killed the people that were protesting, and they got off free. This is how they responded to the media about the situation, "Repression is not the answer to Sudan’s political and economic problems. Sudan’s authorities need to rein in the security forces and make it clear that using excessive force is not allowed." That does not really say anything! all they are saying is that they do not always result in killing peolpe, it just happened because they did not know that was okay. while reading this, it made me curious of what do they actually teach their security authorities while they are in training, because this article makes me believe that they tell them that it is okay to resort to taking someone's life.

I can not even begin to think about what it feels like to be a part of a country here their police or security was told that it is okay to take a life if necassary. shortly after that last quote, they say that, “Authorities should make sure that police and security forces know the legal limits on the use of force and hold accountable any who exceed those limits.” Should not they know these legal limits before you give them a gun and a badge in the first place? it is almost like they work backwrds in Sudan, they wait til something goes wrong before they try and fix it, when i believe it would be a little beter if they addressed the problem from the beginning.

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