Friday, September 13, 2013

The Silent War - Chemical. Biological. Nuclear.

Ten years ago, if I was asked to draw a picture of war, a simple image would come to mind. Stick figures holding guns, cannons in the rear, and bombs flying down from above.

Today, my perception has been greatly changed. Today, I imagine hundreds of atoms being tested for nuclear strength. I imagine thousands of harmful bacteria being engineered for the sole purpose of eating another’s flesh. I image millions of particles being released into the air to restrict the breathing of all those within a 100 meter radius.

The advancement of technology and knowledge is both exciting and questionable. A prime example is Iraq’s current use of chemical attacks on Iranian citizens. With this revelation, it is hard not to question human rights and its new invisible limitations. Iran’s Islamic culture makes it hard for them to fight back in the same way. Furthermore, how does one fight innovation with a sword?

The nature of warfare is changing in today’s world. We are seeing a shift from mechanical warfare to chemical and biological attacks. It is an interesting new prospect that one can’t help but question. The subject of human rights is met with new ethical standpoints that were not present a mere fifty years ago.

I stand in awe of what mankind can do. However, I also tremble in fear.

I anticipate the day the world shifts to a silent war. 
The day not a gunshot, nor a bomb will be heard, 
yet the effects will be even more so detrimental.

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  1. Very interesting, Dyvonne. We have seen with Syria that this is indeed becoming the case. The worst weapons we have seen used in this conflict are the silent, deadly ones. It makes me wonder - we have to capacity to kill so many people with chemical weapons - why don't we see them used more often and widely? Is this because we know that would could be eliminating our species?Indeed, Assad wants to annihilate his opposition, not just suppress and control them. And this is very, very scary because this means he will stop at nothing.