Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gay Rights in Russia

The Russian government has attempted to suppress some of the freedoms of its people. The government is trying to pass laws that discriminate against gays. It is a confusing spectacle as to how the Russian government is passing laws allowing discrimination when its constitution forbids it. 
Unfortunately the Russian Federation’s federal government has begun to abuse its power. The passing of a law that would allow for the government to take the children of parents who are suspected of being a part of “nontraditional sexual relations,” is completely ignorant. The committee chair for the bill believed that the bill would be “unenforceable.” The committee chair, Yelena Mizulina, is absolutely right. When the government invades the privacy of people’s homes to take away the children of proper and providing parents, it not only violate human rights of privacy but it is also discrimination. Discrimination is a clear violation of human rights.
Whether or not someone has a sexual orientation other than that of the traditional orientation does not make that person more or less of a human being. If he or she is still a human being, then he or she must be granted the natural rights of humans. This bill should be considered unconstitutional based off of Russia’s constitution. It Russia decides to allow this discrimination to take place, then I firmly believe that the United Nations should step in and help protect the natural human right of the Russian people.

Unfortunately, in this world people do not agree on everything. There will always be conflicting beliefs. It is alright for everyone to have their own beliefs and to disagree with others beliefs. The true human rights violating monster reveals itself when one person tries to force their beliefs on to another group who stays strong to their beliefs. We should learn from this and allow for everyone be equal and believe what they wish to believe.

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