Friday, September 27, 2013

Terrorists? I think not

In the United Kingdom, there are still reports of Muslims being treated unequally due to racism and suspicion because of this war of terror in the world. A minority of Pakistanis in Britain actually are not worried being harassed or mistreated because of religion or race. Also, middle eastern or people who look Muslims, such as most brown people, feel discriminated especially in the work place. The IHRC is trying to fix this problem by acknowledging this Islamophobia and announced that there needs to be changes in culture making it unacceptable to target Muslims in society.

I believe that Britain needs to see the point of view of Muslim people. Muslims should openly show the United Kingdom what they normally do, which would be working towards peace. The culture itself is ignorance in Britain since they do not see the true light of what Muslims do. Everyone knows me to be a peaceful person, sure they joke around me when calling me a terrorist, but it is all in good humor. Britain is basically an extreme version of what happens to me. If Britain sees exactly what Muslims do and how they are normally nice, peaceful people, then there will no longer be any discrimination or anything. Muslims are not terrorists and terrorists are not Muslims. Terrorists are people who destroy a nation from the inside and produce terror within its people. In Pakistan, there are terrorists bombing a churches and such; in Kenya, there are terrorists shooting in malls. Seriously, there are Christian terrorists among us and even in Muslims countries have Muslim terrorists attacking other Muslims. Come on, Britain. Anyone can be a terrorist in this world, does not matter what race or religion he or she is, anyone can be a terrorist. Muslims are just victims just like anyone else of this phenomena. No excuses, fear just like the rest of us.

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