Friday, September 27, 2013

School Struggles for Safety

The fact that news articles like this exist even though we live in the 21st century is ridiculous. The fact that such obvious discrimination is government enforced is mind boggling. However, and quite unfortunately, such bias is not uncommon throughout different areas of the world, including Indonesia.

               For me, the fact that Muslims can do this to their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters is the most concerning. I am definitely not trying to say that other religions should discriminate against Muslims, either, however; prejudice against Muslims in countries like the United States, and by extension everyone who even “looks like a terrorist” is an extremely important topic to me, both because in general I am so strongly against any sort of racism, and also because I have been subjected to such stereotyping thanks to my skin color.

What is even more shocking about the damages inflicted on this Sufi Muslim school than other stories about racism I’ve heard is that the building injuries are by other Muslims, in a country with a very large Muslim population. I am definitely one of those people that believe in solidarity among members of a certain group, especially if that group is being profiled, so it breaks my heart to see that, rather than joining forces and trying to combat the international stereotypes against their shared religion, they are choosing to create dissension amongst themselves and also further adding fuel to the proverbial fire.

I think that every person should have the freedom to practice his or her own religion, and the fact that a school, which should at the very least be one of the places where religion does not come in to play and a safe haven for education, is literally being demolished by the misguidedness of some people is definitely not fair to the Sufi Muslims. Through peaceful protesting, the Sufis should try to get back some of their lost, yet critical, rights.

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