Sunday, October 20, 2013

App designed to promote women’s human rights

            This article was about a new app that holds a large database of documents that relate to women’s human rights. The app holds a lot of information and makes it easier to create statements about women’s rights.
            This app relates to the issue of gender discrimination. It seems that in most nations men are the powerful group. The issue of gender discrimination recently got a fair amount of attention when Malala Yousafzaiwas shot in the head by the Taliban for disobeying one of their laws against women.
            The topic of gender discrimination is a prominent theme in the graphic novel Persepolis, in which women in Iran are treated poorly compared to men, dominated by men and are punished for acting too sexually or dressing in ways deemed inappropriate by men. Of course, most countries have more rights for women than Iran.
            While women are gaining more and more rights around the world and many of the world’s leaders are women, there is definitely a notable distinction between the treatment of men and women around the world. Perhaps this new app will aid in making laws or suggestions for the fair treatment of women in the countries in which women are oppressed—which would be great.
            Unfortunately, this article speaks of the app aiding the United Nations in making women’s rights documents and most countries in which women are oppressed will likely not follow the suggestions the UN puts in place as the UN has no power to enforce laws. While I like the idea of the app and think it could be very useful, it seems that rights for oppressed women will not change just because of a little bit of technology. It would be great if this app brings any awareness to women’s rights though.


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