Friday, October 11, 2013

North Korea's new ski resort

North Korea accuses Europe of committing "serious human rights abuse" because (I did not believe this when I read it) Europe is refusing to sell North Korea ski lifts for their new ski resort.

The Dear leader of North Korea Kim Jung Un decided a couple of weeks ago that he wants to build the first ever ski resort in the nation, he even set it as a national priority, unfortunately for North Korea, although they have the technology to produce weapons of mass destruction and long range missiles, there is one thing North Korea can't produce and that is ski lifts. The reason for this is because of a new sanction that was imposed in March and forbids countries to sell North Korea "luxury goods". After the country got denied by two companies in Europe, it offered a company in Switzerland 7.7 million dollars for ski lifts, but that offer to got denied by the Swiss government, that caused North Korea to issue a furious response to Europe calling it a "serious human right abuse" for denying the "greatest nation in the world" access to ski lifts.

Kim Jung Un was educated in Switzerland and that may explain his love for skiing, apparently he misses it so much he is making his army build the ski resort as quickly as possible before winter comes.
I think this whole situation is just absurd, the citizens of north Korea are starving to death and yet the Dear Leader acts like there are no problems in his country, I find it funny that the country that is one of the biggest human rights abusers in the world calls Europe a serious human rights abuser because of some ski lifts, but doesn't act with the same enthusiasm against human rights abuses in their own country. I just can't stop thinking of how many people those 7.7 million dollars can feed. Kim Jung Un acts like he cares about the people of his country but he has no problem throwing millions of dollars on luxuries that only a little amount of people will enjoy while the rest of the country starves to death.

I can just hope that one day the people of North Korea will be able to live and not just survive.

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