Friday, October 11, 2013

Sudanese Government Attacks Protestors

Sudan has had many protests in the last few years, all for various reasons. Every protest so far has been met with harsh action from the government to the protestors to quickly repress the revolts. More recently the government has announced that it will get rid of gas subsidies, which will increase the cost of living in Sudan substantially. The Sudanese people rebelled once again in protest, and were met with the harshest actions yet. The government ordered the protesters to be shot, killing 170 people and a mass arrest of up to 800 protesters. This cruelty to their people is absurd. The government should derive its power from the consent of the people, rather than try to rule through violence, aggression, and fear.
In response to these protests the Sudanese government has also cracked down on other media. The news and internet have both been highly censored as well in response to these protests. Their acts of cruelty have been censored and nearly erased from the Sudanese media. These acts are horrible and should be punished. Rather than face these protestors with violence the government should be trying to appease their people, and represent their wants in the policies. Despite the government’s attempts to censor and hide their human rights violations, many videos have been circulated online by protesters. These, such as the video in the article, depict the atrocities committed by the government.
The government should not attack protestors like this, and should instead find a way to create policies that would help them and be good for the people. It’s the government’s job to do what is good for the people, and mercilessly killing them is simply horrid. The censorship is also a violation of rights to speech. The Sudanese government should be called out and be forced to stop these atrocities.

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