Friday, October 4, 2013

Asylum: When Home Becomes Horror

Right of Asylum: the right for one, persecuted by his or her own country, to be protected by another sovereign authority, foreign country, or church sanctuary

Prosecution is seen throughout the nation. It is a part of a mighty judicial system which protects the citizens of the America. But what if the prosecuted has done nothing wrong? What if one’s only form of defense suddenly becomes the offensive?

It is these people who have their liberties stripped. Most of the time, it is at the cost of their own lives. These are the people who often have the most heartbreaking stories. Take Elizabeth, for example.

As a teenager, Elizabeth’s brother and father were killed by a Mexican gang. The gang’s motive? Drugs. Elizabeth lived in a very dangerous and violent part of Mexico. The people of her town were virtually ruled by powerful drug lords. Their judicial system tumbled upon the introduction of drugs.  Soon enough, their only option was to fight or flee.

These Mexican residents have discovered what seems to be their only way out, asylum. As practiced by many countries, asylum can be seen as a ticket to freedom. They’re fight to get into American may very well save their lives. However, 90% of asylum requests are denied.

“Many from the town of Buenavista carry a formal letter from town official Ramon Contreras stating they are victims of persecution,” states Time.

It is has become a fight to cross the border and a fight to stay behind. As for Elizabeth, her fate remains unknown. Her remaining family members are left to defend themselves against a growing drug epidemic.

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