Friday, October 11, 2013

Women's Rights App

Human rights, and women’s rights especially, have been integrated into technology recently, with a new app that contains many documents that allow people to access rights documents at the touch of a button. this new app was made by the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights and the Swiss foreign ministry. The app focuses on trying to inform women of their rights that have been agreed upon by many groups, with over 100 documents on the app. Further, the app translates the documents into many languages, and puts all of these documents into one navigable app, so negotiating new documents should be easier and swifter in the future.

This app seems like a ridiculous public relations stunt by the Swiss. The app seems to have no practical purpose, because the amount of women that will download and use this app will undoubtedly be very few. Secondly, this app contains documents that are usually lengthy and written in non-colloquial, sometimes hard-to-understand language. So not only will nobody want to read the documents, nobody will be willing to read the documents either, because of their length and complexity. Though the documents present enough information to really help women, it will not be used to its effectiveness in everyday life.

Though it won’t be practical every day, this app could be very useful for international lawmakers and philosophers. One of these people could be inspired by these documents, or try to improve upon them with a document of their own. Either way, women’s rights could become more evident and more powerful with each step to inform the general public about them.

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