Friday, October 18, 2013

Chinese Government to Ratify Human Rights Treaty

          Although China still struggles to grant all citizens equality and fairness, the Chinese government is planning to ratify an international human rights treaty, despite it being written 15 years ago, in order to receive a seat at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Because the treaty has not been ratified, the Chinese government has not enforced the protections described in the treaty. China has yet to protect the rights to trial before an independent and impartial court, freedom of expression, and freedom of political participation through regular and free elections. Along with not providing equal rights, the Chinese government physically and mentally attacks human rights activists and government critics. Human Rights Watch recommends that the Chinese government ratifies the treaty as soon as possible in order to gain a seat on the Council, and it recommends that UN member states and UN General Assembly members should urge China to ratify the treaty as well.
            I know that there are some injustices still in America, but it is hard for me to fully grasp that people in other countries such as China are being treated unfairly still today. It makes me sad to know that people are suffering because of elements such as the government, which they can never control. However, in this case, technology is an aid in getting China one step closer to providing basic human rights to its citizens. Human Rights Watch is able to use technology in order to persuade China to ratify the treaty and begin treating its citizens fairly. Human Rights Watch also uses technology to warn UN members about China’s ratification procrastination. According to the article, not only will the ratification of this treaty improve China’s global credibility, but also it will grant citizens necessary human rights.  I hope that after the ratification of the treaty China will grant equality to each of its citizens and stop hurting citizens, but I believe it will take more than simply ratifying a treaty.

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