Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Papua Problem

On October 6th 2013 three Papuans broke into a summit for the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation in order to deliver a letter to the leaders. The three Papuans only wanted the APEC leaders to convince the Indonesian government to allow the media to enter Papua.
Unfortunately, the Australian government is unwilling to speak out on behalf of human rights violations. The Australian leader refused to act on the desperate and harmless attempt to raise awareness of the current conditions in Papua. 
I personally believe that people who will refuse to listen or act upon some to the human rights violations taking place in certain areas are just as bad as the people who are violating human rights. How can an entire country refuse to act when there are desperate requests for help?
The region in which these three Papuans represent has military placed throughout. The government has sent militia to this area to help control it, but unfortunately the military is abusing its power. It has tortured people, killed innocent people and even enforced the disappearance of some. 
The people of Australia may not be advocating for some kind of intervention because they do not understand what is taking place in Papua. The problem is outside media is not allowed to enter in order to inform the Australian people. I believe, now that the leader of Australia has been exposed to the desperation he could do the right thing and inform his own people. Just this act alone could help the Indonesian government realize they need to change how they handle their military.
Fortunately, the governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, said that outside media is allowed into Papua with the approval of the department of foreign affairs. I for one credit the three individuals who sacrificed so much just to inform others and request help from other countries.

The mistreatment of people is a horrible crime. People should not be killed by their own people. There is no reason to torture or arrest peaceful protesters. These are basic rights that everyone should be granted and hopefully the people of Papua will continue to hear good news and the people of Australia will do all that they can to help the Papuan people.

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