Friday, October 18, 2013

Offer Deaf Children Education in Sign Language

Over the past week many people have gathered in Sydney, Australia in order to discuss the issue of education for the deaf.  In some nations, including Nepal, China, and Uganda, deaf children are denied the right to an education in sign language. There is a lack of teachers who are equipped with the necessary skills to teach in sign language.  There are also many parents who are unaware of that their deaf child has the opportunity to have an education. Why is there a lack of knowledge regarding education for the deaf? I believe the deaf have the same rights to an education as any other human.
The video attached to the article also shows the effect an education has on deaf individuals. They are more prepared for having careers rather than being isolated in their communities for their inability to communicate. More needs to be done in order to get these individuals an education rather than assuming that they do not have the same ability to learn and understand as those who are not deaf. They have the same dreams as any other human being, so they should have the right to get any sort of education that will allow them to reach their goals. Some deaf individuals who get a primary education are also finding it harder to find universities that have interpreters that will be able to help them. I believe that the university systems throughout the world need to focus more on making their facilities accommodate those with disabilities.  Having a disability does not mean that the individual is not capable of learning and earning a degree towards a profession.

If education is being denied to the deaf, then there are most likely other individuals with disabilities around the world that are also being denied their right to education.  Nations needs to make more of an effort to educate those with disabilities because they have just as much interest in learning and communicating as anyone else.

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