Friday, October 18, 2013

Prisoners still have rights... Right?

Do prisoners still have rights? Does it depend on why they were sent to prison in the first place? Maybe your answer to those two questions varies, depending if you know somebody that is currently in jail. Prisoners are also people that are born with rights, and not everyone is in jail for such critical reasons like murder, theft, or anything else along those lines. Those that are in prison may not have the same rights as those that are not, because they cannot vote, and they are not free. Well in Syria, prisoners have zero rights, and somewhere around 200,000 people are in their prisons with relation to the Syrian civil war today. The stories that the prisoners tell once they get out are so gory, it can be hard to read.
There were the 5 prisoners that were all chained together for 7 years straight at all times. That means no privacy, and everything that you did, you were accompanied by 6 other people. I could not imagine what that may have felt like. If one of them just could not take being chained to the group and resisted everything the guards would tell them, they were shot without hesitation. But they weren’t shot in a place that would kill them, they were shot somewhere like in their leg so they would suffer.  These men were not in prison for committing a major crime; they were in jail for leading an anti government protest. That is nothing but free speech! People are suffering for standing up for what they think is right, and it is what they believe in. they could not escape because the prison was surrounded with sniper nest, which means that anybody that tried to do so was immediately sniped down.

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