Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Turkish Reform All For Show

Although it was woefully underreported in America, most people are probably familiar with the protests in Turkey this summer and the harsh retaliation these protests were met with.  Turkey is one of the most diametric nations and one that is critical to the future of the Middle East.  It is a nation technologically modern, socially progressive, yet politically overwhelming.  Although on the surface it appears little different from any other European Nation, a little digging reveals the truth.  Turkey wants desperately to be European, and in this desire has suppressed its Muslim roots to the point of human rights violations on the opposite extreme of those occurring elsewhere in the Middle East.  This article highlights the fact that it is illegal for female civil servants to wear the traditional headwear.  Additionally, this article reflects on the use of tear gas to combat peaceful protesters this summer.  This is a classic example of modern technology being used in a pre-modern fashion to exemplify pre-modern totalitarian values.  A nation attempting real progress should allow all people to worship where they want and how they want, and should work especially hard to defend the rights of its minorities.  This is something Turkey is clearly not doing, as the Kurdish minority, as well as others, continues to struggle. These reforms are all for show.  It is clearly done in hope to appease Turkey's Western Allies and abate future protesting.  A people who continue to work and thrive as the Turks are deserve a government willing to protect, uphold, and further their human rights.

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