Friday, October 11, 2013

Indonesian Abuse

                The article, which can be found here, details abuses by Indonesian soldiers. The people of the Eastern Papua province are the victims of the torture and abuses done by the Indonesian soldiers. The crux of the problem seems to be that the Papuans want to secede from Indonesia yet Indonesia prevents them from doing so. Also, the Indonesian government prevents most journalists from reporting which in my opinion only hurts Indonesia's standing in the world. I feel what is done here is similar to what happened in many African countries where these said countries tried to become independent from their European masters. However, in the case with European countries, the African countries were rich in many profitable material while it seems that Papua has absolutely nothing to offer Indonesia. The article states that the Indonesian soldiers torture and kill many of the Papuans yet when they go to court, they are either tried for a lesser crime or exonerated. I don't understand why the Indonesia government is so adamant about keeping the Papuans part of Indonesia if they are just going to continue abusing the population and why they are so secretive about what is happening. Are they just trying to brush the incidents under a rug? History shows that even though people may die an idea is much harder to kill and with the internet and an increase in internet activism, I feel that eventually the stories from the Papuans are going to come out. In our modern society it is incredibly hard to keep secrets and I feel that this issue is going to blow up and make a mockery of the Indonesian government. 

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