Friday, October 18, 2013

Why Slavery?

"Whether it is called human trafficking, forced labour, slavery or slavery-like practices...victims of modern slavery have their freedom denied, and are used and controlled and exploited by another person for profit, sex, or the thrill of domination.”  This is how the Global Slavery Index, created by the Walk-Free foundation, characterizes modern-day slavery, which goes further to state that nearly 30 million people worldwide still live their lives in bondage.  Most people would think that the world has come far enough to recognize that committing such actions is a horrifying act of human nature.  However, the fact that slavery exists to this day shows the darkest sides of human nature and the unfortunate truth that as evolved as humans are along the evolutionary tree, we, as a species, are still incapable of fully understanding the gift that is life.  No person should have to live their life knowing that their sole purpose of his existence is to be subservient of a higher order, or “master”.  If one has the opportunity to live their life on this beautiful planet, he has every right to decide for himself what he wants to make from his life.  At the same time however, the privilege of being a human also entails boundaries, understanding that quintessential rights that every human is granted just for existing.  As a result, this raises a fundamental question: Is a person who commits such heinous crimes allowed to call himself a part of this evolved species?  Can we really acknowledge them as human beings?

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