Thursday, October 24, 2013

Youth Human Rights

Recently a story about the torture, abuse and deaths of children at a boot camp in Texas raised a lot of eyebrows.  Reportedly, there have been hanging children to the point they hurt just to show a simulation the act. Forced labor was also a factor in this boot camp. Understanding the fact that these children are sent off to boot camps by their parents because of behavioral issues or because these children have been in the juvenile system. The tough love given by the instructors of these boot camps are supposed to help these kids become better to do something positive with their lives and to turn them back in the right direction but not to hurt them.

Reportedly, a 14-year old died on a hiking trip and apparently no one knows what happened, this puzzled the committee members and made them want to look into the situation more. While looking into the situation more, the committee was told that the boy began to get dizzy and was left behind because he was accused of faking. They left the boy behind lying in his own vomit until he stopped breathing.

This is not a good look for boot camps and will help the Human Rights of the youth today. I was puzzled to even know that kids die in boot camps and it went unnoticed. These are unsolved murders that need to be looked into more deeply. There has to be more respect for the rights of individuals including the youth because they are the future of the world.     

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