Friday, October 11, 2013


Microsoft is baking a replacement cookie technology that would share content between mobile and desktop PC browsers, and even the Xbox. Microsoft is attempting to take the market through mobile ads and them more at the users. This new technology that Microsoft is working on, according to the Ad Age, reports that there is no time table to when the new technology be viewable to advertisers. Also, Microsoft does not want to return a comment on whether or not these allegations are true. The technology Microsoft is using would not necessarily be considered a cookie but instead; it would be as if Microsoft is really trying to own this user data. This action will eliminate the concerns of digital information being sold to third-party companies. Without the third-party knowing this will eliminate the wide spread of the information around the Web. Not spreading the information around the Web will allow Microsoft to be able to build a more comprehensive digital profile. The profile could include all types of information consisting of; demographics and other products that appeals to the user’s needs and wants. Overall, the total spending for online ads during the first half of 2013 grew about 18% to $20.1 billion. While there was a decrease in the viewing of banner ads, videos and other rich media fell from 33 percent to 30 percent. This drop was caught by the use of mobile devices. Which shares online jumped from 7% to 15%, with a $3 billion find in funds.

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